McAfee Secure Home Platform

The McAfee Secure Home Platform will now be included in broadband routers, allowing all devices that connect to a router to remain secure, including the growing number of IoT and Smart Home items. McAfee says its protection will extend even out of home with its endpoint solution providing mobile security for all users.

The McAfee Secure Home platform performs a variety of tasks. It monitors your network for malicious activity, which is important given the nascent state of smart home devices and their tendency to atrocious security vulnerabilities. McAfee software also monitors the network activity of individual devices for threats such as visits to known malicious sites. Secure Home Platform warns you when a device on your network runs out of built-in virus protection. This might annoy experienced users, as you might end up with constant alerts to install McAfee on your PCs and mobile devices, but for the average user, this is probably a good choice.

McAfee Secure Home Platform also includes parental control features to limit per-device activities, including the types of websites visited and the times of day for network access. Parental controls also include the usual spyware features, which are so common today, allowing parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Security is managed by the McAfee Secure Home platform, the integrated platform of the security company that protects devices from your home to the network. This protection extends to everything from smartphones and computers to connected thermostats and bulbs.

McAfee wants to protect all connected devices in your home with McAfee Secure Home Platform. This protection is almost identical to McAfee security software that you may have installed on your desktop computer or laptop, except that it extends to every device in your home network.

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